This site is intended to be a repository of references and other information about the world wide Whitfield family. This includes common variations such as Whitefield, Whitfeild, Whitfeld, Witfeld etc.

The site is intended to address a specific, and therefore limited audience, of people interested in their Whitfield ancestry. It is not intended to have any commercial value and hence I do not intend to put in pretty pictures or fancy widgets. It represents all the information I have gathered over many years concerning the Whitfield name. Much of this information has been accumulated from various sources and, in each case, I have tried to acknowledge the source and, where appropriate, recommended visiting the source information.

This website project has only recently started – so please bear with us as it develops. It will eventually cover world wide sources but, at present, is concentrating on the UK.

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While we cannot help with genealogical research inquiries, we do hope some day that someone will take up research on the Whitfield surname once again.

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  1. Fascinating. My research so far seems to confirm much of yours. My Whitfield line which ended up in Grimsby, NE Lincs, came from Teasdale Whitfield (B about 1799) who seems to have settled in Girton near Newark, via Staunton in Nottinghamshire, in the 1830s. He was married there and had three sons, John, Thomas and George. Teasdale died in 1866. John and George came to Grimsby in the 1860s leaving Thomas to continue farming. Geoffrey, his descendant, still lives in the area at Spalford, near Lincoln.
    Both John and George were involved in the growing fishing industry. John was eventually a foreman at the Grimsby Ice factory and George remained labouring so far as I know. John, my direct ancestor, had a son Alfred(B about 1870) and my father, Cyril, was born about 1906. Alfred married Charlotte Allen about 1900. My mother Olive May Smith married Cyril about 1935 and had three children, Michael (D 2006), Diane and myself Trevor. I was born in 1946 and there are about five years between each of us. I am the youngest. I now live in Goxhill, North Lincs and have two married sons, Christopher and Richard who both have children.
    My father’s elder brother Ronald, lived in Skegness and died in 1982 and his wife Constance (Clark) soon after. Two boys survive them but no longer in Lincolnshire. Their daughter, Diana, died in the late 1990s.
    Beryl, my father’s sister, died in 1969. She married Leonard Stennett in Waltham, Lincolnshire. Three children survived them, Tony Pat and Jill. Tony died a short while ago.

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