This site is intended to be a repository of references and other information about the world wide Whitfield family. This includes common variations such as Whitefield, Whitfeild, Whitfeld, Witfeld etc.

The site is intended to address a specific, and therefore limited audience, of people interested in their Whitfield ancestry. It is not intended to have any commercial value and hence I do not intend to put in pretty pictures or fancy widgets. It represents all the information I have gathered over many years concerning the Whitfield name. Much of this information has been accumulated from various sources and, in each case, I have tried to acknowledge the source and, where appropriate, recommended visiting the source information.

I have only just started this website project so please bear with me as it develops. It will eventually cover world wide sources but, at present, I am concentrating on the UK.

To see what Whitfield records are currently available look under the RECORDS tab.

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